Gun Mayhem 3

gunmayhem3unblockedGun mayhem 3 Unblocked Game – For Free

Gun Mayhem 3 unblocked – is crazy addition to shooting games category, firing action from of Destroy everything in its path” style. At first glance it might seem that the game is simple-minded, but at closer examination we see a bunch of different bonuses, a chance to pass the game by the campaign, from enemy to enemy, the ability to play alone or against a whole bunch of bots, the game as a team for survival and other modifications. The popular shooter in which you appear on the scene and begin to fight against terrorists. Jump, collect weapons and power-ups and destroy everyone who’s stopping you. The essence of the game is to clear the enemy from the playground, using various weapons and bonuses. Be careful, those bots fight back and attack you, the main thing here not to fall off the platform. The number of player’s lives changes with changing modes. There are

Gun Mayhem 3 unblocked – Gameplaygunmayhem3

different bonuses on platforms from time to time – more powerful cannon, jetpack, extra life and etc. Do not miss the opportunity to pick generous bonuses; your opponents are also targeting them. Only with bonuses, you have a chance to defeat the enemy. Start with a game with a campaign, after training it will be easier to survive in the increasingly difficult levels. You can change the appearance of your hero – in CAMPAIGN, choose your enemy and before the start, you can change outfit, guns and the special skills of your character such as HAT, FACE, SHIRT, COLOR, PERK. Your hero can not just shoot, but also pop dynamite. Anyway, be careful because dynamite does not know any differences between comrades and enemies and the blast wave can kill both you and your opponent. Each weapon has two modes of fire, for example, you can shoot a gun, or you can throw it. Free mode- the last survivor is the winner, team battle- surviving team wins, and dominance you need to capture and control strategic points. In each mode, you can select a set of weapons available in the game, basic number of lives, the presence of boxes and number of control points. Amazing graphics and delightful gameplay will not let you get bored.

How to play

Use keyboard and mouse to control your character: movement Player 1: arrows, Player 2: W, A, S, D, shooting Player 1: Y / Z, Player 2: T, bomb Player 1: X, Player 2: Z / Y, pause Esc. Have a nice time with pleasure!